Build Neural Networks with Confidence

Tensorleap is on a mission to make deep learning more  understandable, accessible, and most importantly reliable. By bringing transparency to neural networks, we boost data scientists’ confidence that the models they build will perform reliably in production.

We’re proud to be the first company to take the lid off the “black box” of neural networks. Our platform helps a wide range of industries leverage the potential of deep learning to solve their toughest challenges.

Why Tensorleap?

Tensorleap offers data scientists the only debugging and explainability development platform for neural networks. By bringing transparency to deep learning models, Tensorleap eliminates uncertainty and enables data scientists and organizations to dramatically reduce the danger of having their models fail in production.

Using innovative interpretability and explainability techniques, Tensorleap’s platform revolutionizes the neural network development paradigm. By taking the lid off the “black box” of neural networks, Tensorleap also boosts the efficiency of data science teams, cuts costly development cycles, and allows organizations to significantly shorten time to market.

Even where models perform as expected, data scientists now have the visibility to explain how the model arrived at the result, the ability to discard the possibility of bias, and the confidence to know how their models will stand up in edge cases.

The implications of model failures in production are huge. Understanding how your model perceives the data is mission critical!

Founded in 2020, Tensorleap is headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Tensorleap Founders

David BenDavid, CEO

A seasoned technology executive, David has more than 20 years of management experience in the global software industry. He is a hands-on multidisciplinary leader, having headed innovative teams for start-ups and established companies in the networking, cloud computing, and deep-learning sectors. Previously, David served six years as an officer in the IDF’s prestigious Intelligence Corps. He holds a B.Sc. from Israel’s Technion Institute.

Yotam Azriel, CTO

A skilled data scientist, autodidact and gifted communicator, Yotam is a machine learning and deep learning expert with extensive hands-on experience in neural network development. Prior to co-founding Tensorleap, Yotam developed and led AI and Big Data projects from research to production for several startups, as well as developing machine learning algorithms at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center (Israel).

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