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Deep-Learning   Development Redefined. Accelerated. Amplified.

Amplifed Accelerated Redefined

Understand, debug, and optimize your deep neural networks.

Tensorleap provides cutting-edge explainability and optimization engines, allowing you to significantly accelerate development flow and build superior neural networks.

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Tensorleap’s end-to-end platform includes three independent modules that provide AI specialists with the full scope of tools needed to efficiently build, debug and optimize high-end neural nets.

The platform provides seamless integration with any existing deep-learning development environments, models and datasets.

deep-learning platform management background


  • Comprehensive version control
  • Full training environment
  • Cloud resources and budget management
  • User management and collaboration tools

Keep track of your development process while efficiently interacting with your team

deep-learning platform management deep neural network platform management colored
deep neural networks dashboard background


  • System of record tracks valuable metrics based on unique indicators
  • Feature indicators
  • Data collected and presented in very high resolution, down to the single sample level
  • Multi-dimensional data visualization
  • Customizable dashboards adjust to your use-case and data

Constantly monitor model’s strengths and weaknesses

deep-learning neural network dashboard deep neural network dashboard colored
deep neural networks analysis background


  • Proprietary algorithms explain deep-learning models and their behavior
  • Population exploration algorithms divide your data into clusters
  • Automatic analysis identifies the strongest features in every sample in the data
  • Deep analysis of poorly performing populations quickly pinpoints root causes
  • Comparison of extracted features and their importance across multiple models

Stop guessing and start acting on insights derived from deep analysis!

deep-learning neural network analysis deep neural network analysis colored
deep neural networks optimization background


  • Model efficiency analysis, down to the single layer level
  • Pruning algorithms and custom optimization flows
  • Innovative algorithms for hyper-parameters optimization and model re-architecture
  • Compression and compilation procedures

Adapt model to your use-case to achieve significantly improved accuracy and latency

deep neural network optimization deep-learning neural network optimization colored
deep-learning neural networks platform atrchitecture deep-learning platform neural network manager schema deep-learning platform neural network analyzer schema deep-learning platform neural network optimizer schema

Tensorleap Manager

deep-learning ai platform manager

A complete management and training solution compare results across models, handle user privileges and optimize cloud resources and budget allocation

Tensorleap Analyzer

neural network ai platform analyzer

Proprietary algorithms explain deep-learning models and their behavior

Tensorleap Optimizer

neural network ai platform optimizer

Customizable pruning and hyper-parameters optimization algorithms, based on unique indicators