Take the Uncertainty Out of Neural Networks

Forget about:
Zero Visibility. Unreliable Models. Tons of Experiments. Long Development Cycles. Failures in Production.

It’s time to remove the blindfold.


The Only Debugging and Explainability Platform for Deep Learning

Gain Clarity and Insight

Understand how your model interprets the data, detect root cause of failures, fix edge cases fast, and slash the number of experiments

Boost Reliability

Pinpoint, resolve, and test all populations and verify that the model relies on the right features

Balance Datasets

Identify and remove irrelevant data, eliminate bottlenecks, and only label what’s needed

The Visibility You Need to Build Models You Can Trust

Understand Model Failures

Identify and fix problems fast with unsupervised root cause detection

Focus Only on Data that Counts

Build unbiased datasets by removing irrelevant samples and prioritizing labeling

Identify Which Model to Deploy and Why

Instantly verify and validate thousands of data populations with deep unit testing

Track & Share Iterations Across the Team

Make informed decisions with clear documentation of the development process

Use Tensorleap on Your Own Model and Data