Last updated: 13.08.2020

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    This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) sets forth the terms and conditions under which Tensorleap Ltd. (“Tensorleap”) offers standard technical support and maintenance service to its Customers, with respect to Tensorleap’s Solution provided to its Customers under the Subscription Agreement (“Subscription Agreement”) and related Order Form entered into between Tensorleap and Customer, to which this SLA is attached. Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Subscription Agreement.
    The Support Service are provided to Customer during the Subscription Period and subject to Customer’s payment of the applicable fees as prescribed in the Order Form.

    1. Support Level

    Customer shall be entitled to receive the Standard Support level provided by Tensorleap as further detailed below. In addition, Customer will have direct access to the Tensorleap Support team via Slack.

    2. Updates

    Tensorleap shall from time to time, during the Subscription Period, make Updates available to Customer to the extent such Updates are generally made available by Tensorleap to its supported customers under valid support contracts at no additional cost.

    3. Availability

    Tensorleap will use its best to ensure that the Services Availability meets or exceeds 95%

    4. Technical Support

    During Business Hours (as specified below), Tensorleap’s helpdesk personnel shall receive Customer email support requests in connection with Errors of the Solution (each, a “Support Request”). An “Error” means any verifiable and reproducible failure of the Solution to materially perform the functions described in the Specifications. Once Tensorleap has determined that the Support Request is covered by a valid support agreement, Tensorleap will respond to such Support Requests based on the severity levels (as determined by Tensorleap) set out in the table below. Tensorleap will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve Errors or to provide a workaround for the Error.

    Severity Definition Response Time Commitment
    Severity 1 - HIGH:
    An Error substantially degrades the core functionality of the Solution in a way which severely impacts the ability to use the Solution
    Response within 8 business hours Tensorleap and Customer will commit an engineer during normal business hours for Problem Resolution to resolve the Error, obtain a workaround or reduce the severity of the Error
    Severity 2- MEDIUM:
    • An Error that prevents the Solution from being operated when properly configured; or
    • An Error that partially degrades a functionality of the Solution in a way which partially impacts the ability to use a core capability;
    Response by the next business day Tensorleap and Customer will handle the case during business hours to obtain a workaround or reduce the severity of the Error
    Severity 3- LOW:
    • The Error causes a function not to execute properly, without a significant loss of utility or intended functionality;
    • or
    • An Error that disables one or more nonessential functions;
    • or
    • All other issues, including general usage questions and cosmetic issues.
    Response up to 2 business days Tensorleap and Customer will handle the case during business hours to resolve the Error within the next planned Update that is scheduled to be released no earlier than within 45 days

    Business Hours

    American Customers:
    Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm Central US Time (excluding U.S. National Holidays)

    European and Israeli Customers:
    Sunday to Friday, 8am – 5pm Central EU Time (excluding National Holidays)

    5. Customer's Information

    In order for Tensorleap to meet the above Support Request response times, Customer must provide Tensorleap with all information, documentation, assistance and access as Tensorleap might reasonably require, including, without limitation:

    • Screen snapshots,
    • Detailed steps required to enable Tensorleap to replicate the problem,
    • Exact wording of Error messages, and
    • Any other data that Tensorleap may reasonably request in order to reproduce operating conditions similar to those present when the Error occurred.

    6. Support Requests submission

    Support Requests to Tensorleap may be submitted by:
    (i) Phone: see the Contact Us section at +972 52 6981373
    (ii) Email:

    7. Exclusions

    The technical support described above will only be provided with respect to the then-current release of the Solution and one previous release that were made available to Customer, and shall exclude Errors resulting from

    • any modifications of the Solution that have not been approved by Tensorleap in writing;
    • Customer’s failure to implement in a timely manner any Update made available by Tensorleap;
    • Customer’s instructions or setup adjustments;
    • use of the Solution other than as permitted in the Subscription Agreement;
    • any fault in any Customer systems or third party System (as defined in the Subscription Agreement), or other non-Tensorleap equipment or programs used in conjunction with the Solution, or other causes beyond the control of Tensorleap; and/or
    • Customer’s negligence or willful misconduct.

    8. Customer Responsibilities

    Tensorleap’s obligations under this SLA are subject to the following:

    • Customer agrees to receive from Tensorleap communications via e-mail, telephone, and other formats;
    • Customer’s technical support contact shall cooperate with Tensorleap at all time during the provision of technical support and maintenance services under this Support Agreement; and
    • Customer shall report to Tensorleap all problems with the Solution and shall implement any corrective procedures provided by Tensorleap reasonably promptly after receipt.

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